Laloo the Hindoo

Courtesy of the collection of Steven Bolin
What’s more intriguing than a man with a rare physiological anomaly? A man with a rare physiological anomaly from an exotic land. Laloo fit the bill on both counts, born in India with a parasitic twin.

He performed in the sideshow as Laloo the Hindoo. His stage act didn’t qualify as a performance per se, while some performers sang, danced or demonstrated some act of dexterity, Laloo would simply stand still and let people examine him. In addition to performing, he was examined by doctors and medical organizations, a common practice for those born with an unusual physiology.

His twin had no head and was attached to Laloo’s chest at the shoulders. It had no heartbeat of his own and Laloo could feel when he was touched. The twin was often described as a girl and dressed in girl’s clothes, but was in reality a boy.

Laloo was a member of The Protective Order of Prodigies, a group of performers who held a press conference demanding that Bailey stop using the term “freaks” and use “prodigy” instead.

He died at age 31 in a train wreck in Mexico and was buried in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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